Cosmic library is a system that has shown how signs and symbol can manifest into material matter and how we are connected with the universe – and the universe with us.

There are many different signs and symbols but the cosmic library is in its unique way, giving us the knowledge of alphabet and numbers according your birthname and birthdate.

Often symbols, numbers and alphabet is used in magic matter etc, but cosmic library is specific working therapeutical.

What can it do?

Show your topic with the world; partner, family, work, social life etc.

Show the quality/energy you automaticly give away or get taken away from you.

Show what quality/energy you are unconsiously holding back.

Shows what needs to get into flow.

Shows the reason why, it is like that.

Shows what ”deal” you made with your parents/family (meaning the conditions your soul as unborn was making, to make your parents bring you to earth.

Showing your genetic gift from each parent – biologic father and mother.

Giving guidance and solutions.