If you are in a situation that seems to give extra stress or challenges, and have difficuelties to deal with it on your own, then an individual session might be the answer.

The present time but also the past, influences our daily life and this can energetical and almost like a puzzle appear in many variations, both negative and positive. Sometimes it is like being trapped
and whatever you try, nothing changes.

When some of our sources or qualities are supressed and we are not in inner balance, it can give stress, confusion, dilemmas, wrong choices and start to manifest itself in a negative way; partnership, family, work, lifesituation, pshysical, emotional and spiritual.
It is an amazing experience, when pieces from the puzzle of life, finds its way into order – one can se it like a clear landscape and shape it like it is supposed to be.

Grace has the psychic ability to adapt to the client on a psychological and transpersonal level and is using her innate psychic qualities in a psychological way.
She can „tune in“ as she also get spiritual guidance. But her strength is to communicate this in a therapeutical way.

“To quide a client means to me; that she/he finds the inner truth, the emotions connected to it, the own ethic and allow these sources to be instrumental for transformation,” Grace says.

Individual session takes up to two hours. It is possible to have „face to face“ therapy when Grace stays in the Czech Republic (current dates you can find here). Another option is to arrange Skype session. In case of your interest in individual session or you have some more question, please
email us: info@erogenetic.cz

In case of face to face therapy you are also welcome to ask for ear acupunture to support the process. Grace works with small perma needles and they stay in the ear from 30 min until 7 weeks.

Adult: 100 EUR
Couple: 120 EUR
Children (aged up to 18): 80 EUR
Contribution for acupuncture needles: 8 EUR