Erogenetic is resource oriented body-psychotherapy system developed by psychotherapist Gussie Grace Wallem, who is also leader and lecturer of training group. System is working with childhood development phases, emotional function of inner organs, elements and existential and archaic dynamic.

Resource orientation means we don’t focus on the “troubles” but go beyond them to the individual resources of every person. Body orientation means we don’t work on cognitive level only but rather focus on deep unconscious feelings, emotions and states triggered by direct work with body and its energy, guiding the client either verbally or using touch.

Based on that we can guide the constellation and give space for individual processes of role players and client, so that related topics are revealed and a channels for primary and spiritual support are opened. Client as well as role players can experience power of healing and transformation. The process is also supported by group energy and specific music.

The Erogenetic training is now available for those who are working with therapy such as psychotherapist, massage or acupuncture therapist and related professions or have certain experience in self-development. The system fits for both body and verbal therapy. The training contains self-experiences and techniques of bodywork, massage, role-playing, drama, constellation and analysis.

The training can also be used for one’s own self-development, but it does not replace individual therapy, which each participant will provide during the training for himself.

The training includes theory, self-experience and practise and group supervision. In addition you will get topics for self study at home and summarizing manual by the end of the training.

Thematically, the training is organized to the development phases and emotional organs. We will gradually go through the individual development phases from prenatal and oral to adulthood. In this way, the individual aspects of human existence will be explained to us, and in this context we will learn various ways and techniques of therapeutic work.

Lenght of training and training time

The total length of training is four years. The training is organized to 12 intensives and 7 theory weekends. The complete training time is 475 hours (per 60 mins).

All training workshops take place in the Czech Republic and are interpreted Czech – English. Capacity is 28 participants.

Training certificate

Every participant will get the Training certificate at the end of training when following conditions are fulfilled:

  • attendance 90% of time (mothers can participate with babies, contact us for details)
  • pass final exam in theory and practice
  • provides a case study with client (can be done after the training)
  • 2 individual supervisions based on case study with Grace (not in the training time, can be done after the training)

If you don’t want to be professional you can take the training as self experience with only condition of minimal attendance.

220 CZK / 8 EUR per training hour. Additional costs for accommodation, food and hall rent are currently up to 3000 CZK / 120 EUR for intensive or 700 Kc / 26 EUR for weekend. Average total cost should be up to 35.000 CZK / 1300 EUR per year (based on current rent and accommodation prices). The price can be adjusted if inflation or CZK / EUR rates change higher than 3% accordingly. Training is paid as whole one workshop ahead and deposit is paid two workshops ahead and they are not returnable. That means you pay full workshop price even when you arrive to workshop late or skip the workshop (but you don’t pay accommodation and renting for that time).

Support of private therapy: We recommend that all participants have their own psychotherapist to follow up on personal issues which might open up.

To enter the training you need to participate on Erogenetic intensive first.